The Life of an Athletic Director

By Corey Long

School liaison, administrator, guidance counselor, community organizer and fundraiser – an athletic director plays all of these roles and many more.

For over 20 years, David Wasson was in the sports journalism industry. He’s even contributed to stories in FUEL publications. But over the summer Wasson decided to leave the writing career behind and go back to his alma mater, Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, Fla., to become the school’s athletic director.

Shortly after joining “Panther Nation,” Wasson found himself in a position where he had to make tough decisions.

“As I’ve said before I didn’t have a chance to organize my office before I had to make a decision on the football coach,” Wasson said. “As the athletic director you are a primary decision maker and it can be tough because you’re dealing with people’s livelihoods.

“It’s being an administrator and dealing with budgets and saying ‘no’ to things you want to say ‘yes’ to and then figuring out how to generate a way to say ‘yes’ in the future. I listen to ideas and give feedback and I offer a shoulder to cry on when necessary.”

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