Finding New Ways to Improve Facilities

By Terry Jacoby

Athletic directors who have worked through months and even years of renovation will tell you that replacing the old with the new isn’t as easy as plugging in a new computer. Switching out a hard drive is much easier than replacing a gym floor or rebuilding the bleachers. In many instances, school districts are not tearing down buildings but adding on, thus not really solving the concerns that come with older structures.

“They built a brand new gym here in 1988, and we still refer to that as the ‘new’ gym,” said Patrick Burke, longtime athletic director at Lockport High School in Western New York. “It’s 25 years old now, but it’s newer than the old gym. We just had to renovate the ‘new’ gym this past summer and put in new bleachers and lights.”

An older building has its challenges such as health and safety issues, stricter government guidelines, outdated operating systems and changing needs of students and programs.

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