Eye of the Tiger: Kim Anderson

By David Purdum

On recruiting trips, you’ll find new Missouri coach Kim Anderson sitting as close to the court as possible.

He likes to hear how a prospect communicates with his coach and teammates. He wants to find out how often a player loses focus, bickers with the ref and trash-talks with his opponent. He’s also always checking out their attitude on defense, noting if there are signs of laziness. And, perhaps most importantly, he is watching to see how a player reacts after making a mistake.

“I love guys who come out and play and don’t react to any adversity,” said Anderson, who enters his first season at Missouri after an ultra-successful tenure at Central Missouri that was capped by a Division II National Championship in 2013-’14. “I like guys who, after they turn it over, hustle back on defense. Their man scores, they come down and make a play on the other end.”

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