Adding a Safe House

By Corey Long

The athletic director is responsible for everything in a school’s athletic program. That includes the measures that assure player safety and making sure the necessary steps are taken to prevent liability issues for coaches and the school in case of injury.

“That’s part of the administrative side of the job,” said David Wasson, athletic director at Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, Fla. “You have to make sure your coaches have the necessary certifications, and if they need certain safety certifications they need to have those and they need to be current.”

Keeping the documents up to date can often be the biggest issue said Don Bridges, athletic director at Florida’s Polk County High School.

“What you find is it’s often a very innocent error,” Bridges said in regards to complying with certification deadlines. “And it’s our job and the job of the school ADs to make sure that they don’t happen, and if they do happen we clear them up as quickly as possible so the coaches can get back to what they love to do.”

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